Who will be the One Lucky Guy for 2014 - Maybe you?

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One Lucky Guy Lottery

About the One Lucky Guy concept:

Yes, one "Lucky" guy gets to run in this all women's event. He is chosen randomly from all the men that pay $5 to enter the lottery. The history of the One Lucky Guy concept dates back to the first running of the race. LOCO Linda suggested to the LOCO team that we put on an All Women's race. Of course being men runners we thought that men would object. Well, LOCO Linda had an answer for that, let's let just the men enter a lottery and let one run officially and that would be One LUCKY GUY" and off we went.

The lottery is only $5 to enter. (5 chances for $20)

Enter here if you would like a chance to be the One Lucky Guy for the All Women and One Lucky Guy Half Marathon in Newburyport Ma. The lucky winner will be chosen three weeks before the event and notified by phone and email.

The lottery is open to all males and will run from June to Aug 24th. The lucky winner will be notified by email or phone. If you are selected you will be able to run in the Half Marathon wearing the One Lucky Guy Bib Number.

PLUS you will be recognized at the start and the awards ceremony as our special guest. Of course you will most likely win the Male division and maybe even set a new mens record in the process Additional prizes for the winner include official race merchandise a very cool race shirt, and your very own official picture with Bib from Capstone Photography.

Lottery Registration: One chance = $5, 2 chances = $10 (5 chances for $20). To enter the lottery, simply click on the button above, fill out the form and then be sure to complete the payment process.



ALL PROCEEDS from this raffle will be donated to a local group or team. GOOD LUCK!

2013 - David Kaufman, teacher, dad, from Lynnfield, Ma was the latest One Lucky Guy!

I have been running off and on since high school (more off than on). It has been a life changing journey as I was a chubby kid who dreaded “running” the mile for gym class back in middle school. I ran the Boston and NYC Marathons in 2010, but quickly realized that I was overambitious and my comfort long distance mileage is closer to 13.1.

I recently learned about the All Women and One Lucky Guy Half Marathon and I thought it sounded like a creative and fun event. After all, it’s not too often that a guy chases so many women or gets chased by them..legally.

My wife and I were looking to give to charity and so I mentioned the idea of buying some raffle entries and worst case scenario, all of the money goes to a local Newburyport group or team.

I was so excited to find out that I had been selected. And to make race day extra special, my family will be there to see me off and see me at the finish.

A huge part of the reason that I decided to get into running some races was to help influence my girls to take up a healthy lifestyle.

I hope to run this race in just under 2 hours. If I am healthy, I think I can do it. The problem is: as a teacher, father, and husband of a teacher, I usually have a cold from October through March. :) I am truly honored to run this race and I think it will be a lot of fun.

Congrats to everyone on running this half marathon. To borrow from the most interesting man in the world, I don’t always run a half marathon, but when I do, it is with over 1,000 women. See you on the course.

Gotta run, Dave K.

p.s. Nov. 3rd is my daughter Sarah's 4th birthday. If you see her that day, make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!



2012 ONE LUCKY Guy

Tony Puntin from Penacook, NH

For most of my life I was not a runner.  In 2007, I joined a triathlon club (Capital Multi-Sport) and began running, biking and swimming. 

Over the past several years, I have participated in a variety of events including sprint triathlons, 5ks, half-marathon, marathon, 2 Tough Mudders, and Reach the Beach. The key word. . . participate. 

I live by the saying "I don't compete, I complete". 

I was outside in my driveway trying to fix my daughter's car when my wife literally screamed out the window "guess who won the Lucky Guy contest?". 

My exuberance was quickly tempered with the realization that I have 3 weeks to train for a 13.1 mile race.  I run about 10 miles per week, nothing too serious; just enough to stay in mediocre shape.  The next few weeks will be very interesting.  I will be calling in a lot of favors for running partners. 

For the past 3 years I have posted the race announcement and One Lucky Guy contest on my Facebook page.  I told everyone not to bother entering as I was going to be the One Lucky Guy. 

I think It was destiny.  I have a wife of 18 years (Beverly), two teenage daughters (Alex and Haley), and two female dogs (Indiana and Georgia). 

The past 20 years have been like "training" for this half marathon with 1000 women.   

I am very excited about the event.  This will be the only time in my life when I am guaranteed a podium finish in my age group! 

 (Editors note - From the pictures you can see Tony is already One Lucky Guy and he is of course predicted to WIN the overall Male Category!)  



2011 One Lucky Guy

Congratulations to Jeff Twombly

Jeff was thrilled to be chosen. Here is his story in his own words. "I had been kind of bummed out that the Seacoast Half was fully booked - crazy early - this year and so I had no fall half lined up….until now!

A few ladies that I work with had entered this event and they kind of conned me into entering so I did this as kind of a joke.  I have never won anything cool and never expected to get an e-mail saying that I was in!  How exciting!

My first race was the 2006 Big Lake Half Marathon. I’ve run that a few times and have been in several events including many of the Will Run for Beer races.  I may have needed a ride home after one of those….but I digress.  I started running after one of those relationship breakup funks and I absolutely LOVE how great I feel after a long run.  I’ve been running ever since. 

I live in Meredith NH with my girlfriend and 17 year old daughter.  My GF was pretty surprised that I had won as I may have never actually mentioned my entry to her.  What can I say?  I’m a guy and communication isn’t what we do best.  She’s good though.

My running buddy is a woman.  Almost all the people I run with are women, and so it is fitting that I am in this event.  I'd like to congratulate the winner in advance but I'd also like to give a special shout out to everybody that finishes the race.  Think of all the people who didn't even get off of their butts to do this and BE PROUD of your completion!

Good luck to everybody and I look forward to seeing you there!"





One Lucky Guy for 2010

Winner: Brett Johnson

Adopted Home: Newmarket, NH, Age 31

I was born and raised in Central Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002.  I've called New Hampshire home for the past 7 years. I've lived in Newmarket since 2006, where I currently reside with my girlfriend Rachel (formerly of Newburyport). 

I started running casually in college.  I was a football offensive lineman in high school, so upon graduation I wanted to shed some pounds, so I picked up running.  My career requires me to travel a lot throughout New England and New York, so running is an easy way to get a workout in on the road. My ideal time to run is from 3-5 in the morning while the air is cool and everything is quiet.

You'll be happy to know that my first race ever was the "Will Run for Beer 5K" in Newmarket on June 7, 2009, sponsored by LOCO Sports. How can you not like finishing a 5K with a Smuttynose beer? After that I was hooked. Since then I have completed 11 races, most of them being in the "Will Run for Beer" series and the "Seacoast Road Race Series".  I completed my first half marathon in Portland a few weeks ago on Oct. 3, 2010.

I saw the advertisement for the "One Lucky Guy", so I figured why not. I haven't won anything since the spelling bee I won in 2nd grade. I was very surprised to get the phone call.  I know my friends will remark to me about being "beat by a girl".  I don't see the shame in being beat by 1200 lovely women!