All Women & One Lucky Guy Half Marathon.

Course Start/Finish Newburyport High School

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(note: distance shows longer than actual)

Official USATF Map: PDF (exact 13.1 mile map)

This is a beautiful course on mostly rural roads. The course skirts around two reservoirs and travels over "horse country" in West Newbury. The course is mostly shaded and there is a short .3 section on a maintained dirt road. There are no major hills in this route. The course is mostly gentle rollers and the overall elevation does not change more than a total of 100 feet.

The course starts at about 100 feet of elevation and then has a slight downhill until mile two where it then gradually rolls up and down until mile seven. The only medium hard hill is from mile seven to just about 7.75. After mile eight you have a gradual downhill course for 4 miles. The Final mile has a gradual up hill to it. (see FAQ section for longer description)

Highest elevation is less than 200 feet.